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We’ve always liked the idea of eternal love.

Noble Roses

It is because of this beautiful, amazing concept that we created our unique boxes of long lasting roses. We aimed to create a unique experience of uncovering true beauty wrapped inside an amazing, well crafted box.

We are extremely happy to be able to offer you and your loved one, true freshness that will last for a long time. These are our roses, a unique, hand selected product that is both real and will last up to 3 years. As a result of to innovative procedures, the Noble Roses Design Studio develops precious arrangements, that remain fresh for several years. Our Collection consists of real, everlasting roses, and it’s available in the following handcrafted velvet boxes: 2 sizes(small and large), 2 shapes(round and square) and 4 colors(black, white, burgundy, pink).

Noble Roses seeks to provide an unique experience of luxurious floral arrangements, each being the result of a unique design process coupled with extremely high standards of quality. We stand for timeless elegance, feminine charm and luxury in its purest form for that certain “Gaudium vivendi”.

Choose your individual arrangement that matches your own taste and interior. We love custom orders, and we can integrate beautiful patterns, letters, and symbols with the roses you like. Each shipment from Noble Roses arrives in a keepsake hat box, with an unique design. They can be used directly as gift boxes or decorative pieces in your home.

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